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Fabric Print lightboxes are cute, chic and are the next thing in today’s market. With their beautiful and vintage look, they are the perfect piece of décor for any house.


Width (inch)
Min: 24 - Max: 590

Height (inch)
Min: 24 - Max: 188


Fabric Print lightboxes are cute, chic and are the next thing in today’s market. With their beautiful and vintage look, they are the perfect piece of décor for any house. They are also extremely suitable for the new upcoming businesses or cafes which wish to provide a good and homely feel to it. We have been proven to be reasonable in terms of every aspect that we have undertaken. We are extremely proud to be holding some of the world’s biggest line of fabric print. These go from economy to feature review and from standard models in-stock fully prepared to be shipped.

Fabric Print

Fabric print boxes are now one of the essentials that one must have as it is not only seen as a piece of decoration but also beautifies the entire place with its presence. This is one of the major reasons why every person out there today is investing in finding the best designs. No one wishes to compromise on the beauty of their house and you shouldn’t either. Your house or any place where you spend most of your time, deserves to be glorified. This is why we invest our best resources into making the coolest fabric print boxes that you will ever find. This is also why you should trust us and invest in our product in order to make every place you go to the most beautiful place that you have visited.

What makes us special is that we provide a range of flexibilities in our deliveries and return policies which usually go missing on other sites. Here are a few main features that the product offers.

Extravagant Designing

This is made with the lightest of the metals – Aluminum, the frame of our fabric print is strong but easy to carry this making it extremely portable in nature. The frame has a thickness of just 18mm which provides an extremely stylish and decorative appearance. We can produce custom sizes with a height of range from 20cm to 480cm and with a range of 20cm to 15m for width. The frame comes with a warranty of 2 years and is thus a great investment. Standard finishes come with a transparent protective panel on the front surface which in turn gives a great protection against UV rays.

Long- lasting

The fabric print box is very economical and can be afforded by almost every section of the society. This is because we view it as a decorative piece which must be present in every house and every small business in order to change the complete look and feel of the place. It uses no environmental hazardous materials and significantly lesser energy utilization, making it perfect for any naturally cordial plan venture. The fabric print is made with the help of durable and high quality as well as lightweight materials including a 25mm Aluminium. There are many reasons to use a fabric print box over any other display out of which important ones are:

  • Suitable for every occasion
  • Can be used for houses as well as businesses
  • Gives a fantastic look for indoors as well as outdoors
  • Transforms the complete look and feel of the house
  • Economic in nature

Here’s how you can probably make use of this amazing product

Intended for indoor as well as outdoor utilization. The fabric print box is extremely appropriate for vast management presentations. It provides great visual effects in any and every location that it is present. The importance of it can be expressed as once you use this product, you cannot imagine the place without it. It completely lightens the place up and its vacancy cannot be replaced. Thus, it can be used in several retail locations, corporate workplaces, hospitals and dispensaries, displays and public expos, and also in art exhibitions and historical centers. For outdoor utilization, our fabric print boxes can be housed.

Why place an order with us?

With us, there is no minimum order condition for the customers. One can purchase the desired quantity without any troubles. We provide our customers with volume discounts on orders of four or more units. The delivery of our fabric print can be expected in approximately five to seven business days. Orders are shipped using various trusted delivery platforms. So, the customers can be tension free after ordering the product. There are different types of delivery services for different ranges of the frame. For booking a large size, according to the length as well as the weight of the product, there may be an additional charge for the shipping. You are most welcome to contact us anytime if you prefer to arrange your own shipping.

Fabric Print Features

  • 195g/m2 Berger high resolution fabric print.
  • Fabrics are printed using dye sublimation.
  • 1000m2 daily production capacity.
  • Silicon edge
  • Unbleach Guarantee

This site offers you the benefit of fast and on-time hassle-free delivery with the wide range of economy friendly and varied sizes of Fabric Print lightboxes. Do give us a call if you have any questions regarding the product.

Size (width x height)

Custom, 24*48 inc, 30*40 inc, 36*36 inc, 36*48 inc, 36*84 inc, 48*72 inc, 48*84 inc, 48*96 inc, 96*96 inc, 118*96 inc, 238*96 inc

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