Fabric Light Box

Fabric light box is specially used for the exhibition displays, retail, office displays, museums and banks etc.


Custom size fabric light boxes are made in 2 days. Are you looking for a fabric light box manufacturer for highest quality backlit edgelit fabric light boxes.If yes, then this fabric light box is the perfect product for you. Its specifications will amuse you and the benefits as well as the technical aspects will make you purchase the product right away!

Tension Fabric System Lightbox Freestanding Single-sided

Manufacturing Details

This fabric light box is being manufactured in Turkey and it comes with a guarantee of 2 years. It helps the hardware of high-quality materials. The tension fabric system consists of frames which can be built in around 5 minutes. These minutes also include the simple mounting of fabric graphics and connecting the bracket in each corner of the frames.

Strong Connections

Firstly, there is no need to worry about its installation part of the tension fabric light box because it is extremely simple to install and dismantle as well. The product comes with the simple fitting and tension fabric graphics which can be easily removed. The fabric lightbox does the graphics which are finished with a stitched Silicon edge. This helps you in managing the fabric light box display without any hassles. You can easily fold up and packer with the graphics and when you open it again it would effectively iron out the crisis in order to stretch itself to set to the frame.

Impressive Display

Fabric light boxes  are specially used for the exhibition displays, retail, office displays, museums and banks etc. It can also be used for any Road show event or you can display it in your showroom and even at reception or the foyer areas. You can also check usage areas of fabric lightbox from here. The design of the fabric light boxes is such that it would complement with any kind of interior. With this make your display worth looking at. As soon as you place the order for the product, it will be dispatched within 72 hours.


LED frameless fabric light box

This fabric light box is being manufactured in Turkey and provides you with the quality which would last for a very long time. The design is an environmentally friendly design as the materials used are not harmful. The materials used are durable, of high quality and extremely lightweight. Another good feature about this product is its metal aluminum frame that is 98% recycled. The LED is used in this fabric light box uses 52 -75% less power and HD fighter lights that would last up to 100,000 hours.

  • It is Silicon edge graphic
  • The lightbox has a very thin and fine Silicon strip on its inner edge
  • Stretches itself and leaves no creases
  • It reflects minimum light and the color saturation is very strong
  • Fabric graphic can be easily removed

The Frameless Frame Design

If you want big, bold graphics then this is the right fabric light box for you. The cream is made from extruded aluminum and the facing is only 1,5 mm wide. This would enhance the frameless appearance by maximizing the display area.

The box of the frameless fabric LED light is very durable and possesses great strength along with being lightweight. The standard finishes are anodized silver and black.

Perfect Lighting

The lighting used by the fabric lightbox is the edge-lit LED lighting. The etched blackout fabric makes a display look brighter because of it stretching the light throughout the display. It also has the backlight illumination without hotspots or shadowing.

Happy Ordering

The main thing about us is there is no requirement for a minimum order and also be provided volume discounts on orders of four or more products. You can contact us from this page for special quotation. Your orders would be delivered to you in approximately 5 to 7 business days. Also, we provide worldwide express free shipping without additional charges.



Backlight LED frameless fabric light box

When everything is in the world is going compact in its manufacturing, be it smartphones, laptops or watches, why should we not expect the same for lightbox technology as well. That is why we have come up with the minimalistic version of your favorite product.

As the name suggests, the outstanding Backlight LED frameless fabric light box is an ultrathin option available in the world of light boxes. It has the frame of only 1,5mm making it virtually frameless and giving it an outstanding outer appearance. It looks classy and mysterious when kept in the sight of people.

Also, it is available with an internal power supply so that one need not worry about the installation requirements of this lightbox.

There are two alternatives available for the product. One being single sided and other being double-sided. Silicone edge graphics printed using dye sublimation has said to be having strong color saturation which makes it suitable for minimizing reflected light. The two years warranty attached to this product makes this deal even more lucrative for our consumers. In any case of mishap or difficulty with the product, we have got you covered for at least two years of your purchase.

Edgelit LED Fabric Light Box Features

  • Graphic size up to 15000mm x 48000mm
  • Frameless edge with a silicone edge tension fabric graphic
  • Standard depth 80mm (2,95″)
  • Single and double sided versions
  • Double sided depth 12cm (4,72″)
  • Internal power supply
  • Hardwired or plug option
  • Adjustable ceiling hanger with cable
  • 24 Volts DC
  • LED lighting provides bright, even illumination
  • 75% less power consumption than fluorescent
  • Standard finishes are silver natural anodised and black (silky mat) on single and double sided versions
  • UL and TUV certificated components
  • Two years warranty


Size (width x height)

24*48 inc, 30*40 inc, 36*36 inc, 36*48 inc, 36*84 inc, 48*72 inc, 48*84 inc, 48*96 inc, 96*96 inc, 118*96 inc, 238*96 inc

Side Option

Single Sided, Double Sided

Frame Color

Silver (Natural Anodised), Black (Silky Mat)

Accessories (Free)

Adjustable ceiling hanger with cable, Footplates flat, Wall mounts

Plug Type


Print (Free)

With Printed Fabric, Without Printed Fabric

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