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Lightboxes are the next fad in the market now! While some use it as a décor piece, many others use it simply for lightening the place up.


Width (inch)
Min: 24 - Max: 590

Height (inch)
Min: 24 - Max: 188


Aluminium Fabric Box

Lightboxes are the next fad in the market now! While some use it as a décor piece, many others use it simply for lightening the place up. Lightboxes have a huge variety in them nowadays. One such type commonly in use is the aluminum fabric box. These boxes are growing extremely popular in residential as well as commercial places. These aluminium fabric boxes add a charm and a factor of elegance in the area of décor.This is because of the fact that it gives a very sophisticated and a classy look when placed at almost every place in the house. It is also used for various official purposes as it adds a classy look to any office. It is not just for a home décor, the product also has a professional appeal to it. Light up your place in a sophisticated manner.

Various features that the product has on offer are as follows:

A Design that is Trendy And Attractive

Made with the lightest of the metals – aluminium, the frame of our lightbox is strong and has a good finish. The frame has 180 gr / m2 high light transmittance fabric. The frame has a thickness of just 18mm which provides an extremely stylish and decorative appearance. Available in a varying range of sizes from as small as 16″ x 20″ up to a pretty huge 48″ x 96″. The frame is manufactured in both patterns of single as well as double-sided along with a warranty of two years.

Energy Efficient

Our Fabric Light Box uses 2000 lux light energy which provides up to 60% of the energy saving as compared to another such lighting which means that it is at a pretty decent cost so that one can enjoy our fashionable aluminum lights without spending much. Energy efficient LED lighting uses only 2.7 MA per hour and works on 12 volts. The technology used for this LightBox is the special laser lines applied on the plexi inside the frame resulting in equal illumination across the surface. So, forget all the money that you were planning on spending in order to make your houses or offices prettier, just invest a little with us. The LightBox provides you with a tremendous working life of up to 100,000 hours.

Economical Product

The Aluminum is created in such a way that it is extremely economical and has no environmental hazardous materials. As a reasonable arrangement, utilization of LED lighting qualifies for LEED credits. LEDs utilize 60-65% less power than fluorescent lights and give brighter, more white light that keeps going up to 100,000 hours. The aluminum fabric box is made using high quality and lightweight materials including a 25mm Aluminium Framed LightBoxIt that comes with both single-sided and double-sided version, so you can adapt to whichever frame suits your requirements. The LED Poster LightBox comes with a 2-year warranty so you can be tension free if there are problems related to our product. There are many reasons to use this particular product over any other display out of which important ones are:

  • Perfectly effective in bright places such as in daylight: outside, windows, splendid chambers.
  • Gives a classy and sophisticated look to any home or office
  • Measure factor –Aluminum fabric boxes give an elegant look

Availability And Customization as Per Your Requirements

One can create personalized fabric boxes according to their needs. This is because of the very fact that nowadays, every customer has their specific demands and we aim to fulfill each and every one of them. You can make changes in the Aluminum Fabric box according to your needs. It is made in such a way that it can meet all of your expectations. The material used is pure aluminum and stainless steel. The frame sizes are also available in a variety of sizes, thus giving the customers a massive array of options to choose from. The size along with the other measurements can also be easily determined by the customers just by looking at the different pieces that are now available.

Variety of Uses

The aluminum fabric box is appropriate for any event. As mentioned previously, it suits one’s home as well as work places. This is because of the classy color of the aluminum along with our lightbox which can brighten up any place.By placing it at home one can attain a sophisticated environment whereas  placing it at the office one can  improve the entire look of the workplace. This is because it comes with a formal as well as a casual look and can be placed according to the event taking place.

Best Online Service You Could Ask For!

We aim to provide hassle-free delivery to our customers. This is one of the main reasons why we do not have any provisions relating to a minimum quantity to be ordered and various other things like that. Instead, we provide many discounts on bulk orders. The delivery is generally done within five to seven business days. We only ship our orders through trusted delivery platforms. There are different types of delivery services for different ranges of the frame. You are most welcome to contact us anytime if you prefer to arrange your own shipping.

The website provides you with the flexibility of deliverables and varied range of price and sizes.

Frameless Fabric LED Light Box Features

  • 25mm Aluminium Framed LED Poster LightBox is an easy poster & banner replacement system with front drop open frame covers.
  • Special lines applied to the Plexi layer inside the frame, it provides equal intensity illumination on the surface,
  • 2000 lux light energy provides up to 60% energy saving compared to fluorescent lighting, only 2.7 MA per hour, 100,000 hours life.
  • The product has passed CE tests
  • 180 gr / m2 light transmittance oversized fabric
  • There is a transparent protective panel on the front surface that is protected against UV rays
  • 12 volts
  • 2-year warranty

You get the benefit of fast and on-time hassle-free delivery with the wide range of economy friendly and varied sizes of aluminum fabric boxes. So, be tension free and do call us if you have any question regarding our product.

Size (width x height)

Custom, 24*48 inc, 30*40 inc, 36*36 inc, 36*48 inc, 36*84 inc, 48*72 inc, 48*84 inc, 48*96 inc, 96*96 inc, 118*96 inc, 238*96 inc

Side Option

Single Sided, Double Sided

Frame Color

Silver (Natural Anodised), Black (Silky Mat)

Accessories (Free)

Adjustable ceiling hanger with cable, Footplates flat, Wall mounts

Print (Free)

With Printed Fabric, Without Printed Fabric

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