How long does it take to get my specially-sized or standard-sized order?

After you are confirmed the image of the order you give, it will reach to you within 4-5 days.

Which quality I should send the image?

Firstly, the highest quality possible will help the printing done beautifully. However, the lowest quality limit is 72 dpi and the highest quality limit is 300 dpi. You need to send the image you want with 3 cm of overflow. As an example, if you want 70*100cm, You are supposed to send the image as 73*103.

Does any damage happen during the delivery?

As they are demounted and made from the aliminium, our products are very durable. Also, every piece is packed one by one and all the packed products are sent to you in a compressed cardboard box.

Can I easily install the disassembled product?

Installation of our products I quite easy. Also, you will find an manual installation scheme in the box. you can have the product installed and operational within a maximum of 5-7 minutes.

Do I have to take care of customs operations of the product I have ordered?

All the customs and other operations are taken care of by us, you don’t have to deal with anything. After you pay for the product, there is no extra fee.

Do I have to pay for the shipping?

The product fee includes the shipping. You don’t need to pay for the shipping.

What should I do when I want to change the image of the fabric lightbox I have bought?

After you order from our website in standard-sized or specially-sized, we will give your image to the shipping in 2 days.

How long is the warranty for the products?

Our products have 2 year full guarantee. The image has 100 year guarantee for fading indoors. While we are producing the aladdin frame, we aim it to be working 12 hours in 10 ten years without any problem.

If I want to make a bulk order, will there be any discounts?

First, you have to fill in the dealers form; then your application will be considered and reached back to you.

Can I send the product I have bought to another address and seen as a sender?

We can send your product to any address you want on your behalf.

On which condition I can return the product?

There is a 3 year satisfaction guarantee. As long as paying the shipping, you can return the product without mentioning why. When the product reaches us, repayment will be done in 2 days.

What kind of solutions you have about the big projects?

On your big project requests, when you send us the details of the work; after a consideration, we will provide you free technical support.

If I mount and demount the product more than one for the purpose of using in various settings, will there be any deformation?

You are able to mount and demount the product as many as you want. As long as you are careful and follow the installation scheme, there will be no problem.

How you will determine the receipt type and exit point of cable according to the countries?

After the order, we will contact you through email and ask for the details or you can tell your preference of the exit point of cable and receipt type in order notes.

What should I do, if I want to make changes on the order after I ordered the product?

We will be helping you quickly on your requests which is made before the production.

Do you install the product I have bought?

It is so easy to install the product that we are sure you will be able to install it yourself.

What should I do, if one of the leds or the transformer of the product breaks down after the guarantee period?

You can order the led or transformer you want from us. Also, it is quite easy to change those pieces. There is 10 year support warranty of the auxiliary equipment.

How is the care and the cleaning of the printed fabric done?

You can clean the fabric with a damp cloth.

Does your products make reflection due to the light?

Because, we use fabric print in our products; there will be absolutely no reflections.

What is the largest size lightbox I can order?

We can produce in 50 meters wide and 5 meters.

How can I connect the product to electricity and what are the details of the cable?

We send the cable of the product 2 meters as a standard. However, if you have other requests you can write down it in order notes.

Is the product single-sided or double sided?

The product is produced in both, it is enough to express your preference during the order.

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