Our story so far.

The Brand

The aim of 3 friend who built the brand is to produce a product which makes our customers %100 satisfied.

Once started in a small studio, the Aladdin adventure now turned into a huge 2500 square meters office and has hundreds of customers all around the world.

It wasn’t just a coincidence, we started this journey with the satisfaction of our customers. The sources of Aladdin are our customers who help us grow and their happiness.

Today, The Aladdin Frame has over 50 employees and produces 50.000 square meters of fabric light box and 150.000 square meters of image printing.

You can contact us not to be our customer but to be our partner.

Contact Us

Şerifali Mahallesi Beyit Sokak No:32 Dudullu, İstanbul – Türkiye

The Forge, Churchford Farm, Capel St. Mary, England IP9 2LA



Management Team

  • dolunay1

    Dolunay Arslan

    Managing Partner Head of Production

  • oguzhan

    Oğuzhan Aydın

    Managing Partner Head Of Design

  • turan

    Turan Poturna

    Managing Partner Head of Marketing

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